Life of Moses

2b. Exodus - Moses - Found by the egyptian Princess Baby Mose Found Moses was found by the daughther of the Pharaoh Moses and Tablets - Moses at Bush - Baby Moses - Baby Moses Found - Baby Moses - Moses Found Moses kills an egyptian

The Death of Moses (crop) Coloring page of Moses and the Burning Bush - The angel of the LORD appeared to Moses as flames within a bush. The bush was on fire, but id did not burn up! The amazing story of Moses hearing God speak through a burning bush: Scene One - Scene Two - Scene Three Baby Moses in the Nile Moses and the burning bush Moses questiones God Moses is Born - The Burning Bush - Moses Disobeys God - Moses Dies

Day Eleven Baby Moses Coloring Page by MatushkaEmily on Scribd




Slavery In Egypt


moses and Moses parting the Red Sea Moses - Hebrews became numerous in Egypt - Moses - Pharoah ordered that all Hebrew babies must die - Ancient Egypt Coloring Pages Crossing the Red Sea Moses went to Pharoah. He said, “God says you must let his people go. Rise up,get out from among my people, both you and the children of Israel; and go, serve Yahweh, as you have said, The Slavery of the Israelites Blood on the lintles


The Ten Plagues Coloring Pages


too many frogs Ten plagues of Egypt The ten plagues that swept Egypt to free the Israeli slaves: Scene One - Scene Two - Scene Three - Scene Four - Scene Five - Scene Six Plague of Frogs The Ten Plagues

2g. Exodus - God parted the Red Sea www.JesusOwnKids.comCrossing the Red Sea Parting of the Red Sea The miraculous escape the Israelis made from the Egyptian war chariots: Scene One - Scene Two - Scene Three - Scene Four - Scene Five Moses led God's people out of the land of Egypt - The waves parted and the Hebrews crossed safely The First Passover - The Exodus - Crossing the Red Sea Moses leads the Israelites through the Red Sea (from the Great Bronze Doors). 


The Ten Commandments Coloring Pages Moses receives the Ten Commandments from God Moses receive the 10 commandments : Scene One - Scene Two - Scene Three

2c. Exodus - Moses Receiving the Law from God Moses Decalogue “Moses and the 10 Commandments” Coloring Page The Ten Commandments - Moses Talks With God


40 Years in the Wilderness Coloring Pages Exodus Moses led the Hebrews through the wilderness So they quarrelled with Moses and said, "Give us water to drink." Scene One - Scene Two - Scene Three - Scene Four - Scene Five - Scene Six Manna in the desert Bread From Heaven - Water From the Rock - The Golden Calf - The Tabernacle - The Cloud and the Fire - The LORD Sends Quail - The Twelve Spies - Wandering in the Wilderness - The Bronze Serpent - Balaam

Moses strikes the stone
‭dome Gomora Moses
Moses holds the tablets with the ten commandments
Baby moses found in the Nile
Moses found in the Nile


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